Research Resources

The Division of Infectious Diseases is affiliated with the following research resources and projects:

  • Center for Administrative Data Research (CADR): CADR provides leadership and training in the use of health services administrative data in clinical epidemiological, health services and outcomes research.
  • Center for Clinical Genomics of Microbial Systems (CC-GEMS): The goal of CC-GEMS is to apply next-generation sequencing and related technologies to generate new information on pathogens, microbiomes and host-parasite interactions that may lead to an improved understanding of host-microbial interactions and better clinical care.
  • Death to Oncocerciasis and Lymphatic Filariasis (DOLF) Project: The mission of the DOLF Project is to develop and test improved treatments for onchocerciasis and lymphatic filariasis that will enhance efforts to control and eliminate these important neglected tropical diseases.
  • COVID – 19 Resources

Local Epidemic Modeling for Management & Action (LEMMA)

LEMMA input for St. Louis City Health Department (xlsx document)

  • Implementation Research – Methods
  • HIV Implementation Research