MASEC is a FREE service funded by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, provided by the Washington University School of Medicine Infectious Diseases Division. This collaborative initiative provides education and expert advice on antimicrobial stewardship throughout the State of Missouri.

Our services are free, offered at no charge to the participant. Currently we offer:

  • webinars on topics regarding antimicrobial stewardship and the treatment of infectious diseases. These may include such topics as:
    – Regulatory mandates around antimicrobial stewardship
    – Common questions about frequently encountered infectious conditions
    – Common antimicrobial stewardship interventions
  • voluntary training program on how to design, execute and follow-up on an antimicrobial stewardship intervention through virtual meetings with Washington University School of Medicine experts,
  • an email hotline to which healthcare providers can pose questions pose on antimicrobial stewardship issues and receive responses from an antimicrobial stewardship expert, and
  • educational reference materials to help assist in stewardship practice.

To participate in MASEC, please fill out the registration form here MASEC sign-up form. Once submitted you will receive e-mailed invites to the activities you have expressed an interest.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at MO.Stewardship@wustl.ed