Why Choose WashU?

Our fellows let prospective fellow candidates know what fellowship is like at WashU

See what our ID fellows said about why they chose WashU for their fellowship.

ID Fellowship at WashU – what makes it special?


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We know that fellowship is not where your career ends, rather a launch pad to a successful one. We are committed to guiding and helping you to reach your goals whether it be academia, private practice, or industry.


Why did you choose WashU for your fellowship training? 

“The size of the hospital and its catchment area mean the spectrum of diseases that can be seen here is exceptionally broad. I really came to love St. Louis during residency and the mentorship I had from ID faculty was excellent.” – Kevin Montes, MD ’21

“I have always loved ID since medical school in Peru, given the exposure to all the tropical diseases. However, I initially wanted to do Cardiology. Soon in residency and after an ID rotation here in the U.S., I realized again how fun and challenging the bread and butter on ID is. Also the people here are fascinating and smart. Given my epidemiology background, I would like to continue my training on Hospital Epidemiology.” – Miguel A Chavez, MD, MSc ’19

“I strongly believe that in order to give your best, you have to be happy and comfortable. WashU ID made me feel that I could find exactly that in the fellowship program. In addition, Washington University/Barnes-Jewish Hospital is a top-notch medical center with state-of-the-art technology where I am sure there will be infinite opportunities to learn. Finally, the very large number of faculty members with expertise in so many areas of infectious diseases provides an excellent learning environment. I am very excited to continue my training, refining my clinical acumen, and research skills at WashU ID!.” – Luis Parra Rodriguez, MD ’20

“There were many reasons I wanted to come to WUSM, though I think the more important information is how I feel about being here now. The people in our department are an amazing group. It’s been great getting to know everyone over happy hours, meals at attending homes, picnics, and the Angels in America outing. The amount of interest in the fellows and the support the entire department provides us makes for a great training environment. I’m planning on pursuing a combination ID/CCM and would like to investigate infections and antibiotic decision-making in the critically ill.” -Patrick Mazi, MD ’20

“I chose ID at Wash U because of the breadth of experience and patient exposures the program offered. From day one they asked what I wanted and how could they help get me there. Also the faculty across the board are fantastic and were that way from interview day.
– Joe Cherabie, MD, MSc ’20

“First, the open atmosphere of the current ID faculty and fellows followed by the unending basic science research opportunities available” – Patrick Olson, MD, PhD ’20

“The people are awesome, I like that the hospital has a very large referral area with patients from multiple backgrounds (and great pathology!), the flexibility of the program in accommodating our interests, and I can walk to work.” – Abby Sung, MD ’20

“Kind supportive environment, humble yet crazy smart faculty and fellows.” – Priya Pal, MD, PhD ’20