Juliet Iwelunmor, PhD

Professor of Medicine

Dr. Juliet Iwelunmor is a Professor of Medicine and an Associate Director for Global Health and Dissemination at Washington University School of Medicine. A passionate advocate for health equity and sustainability, Dr. Iwelunmor is widely regarded for understanding how to make evidence-based interventions last, reshaping the focus on community engagement using participatory research, improving the dissemination of health information, while amplifying the voices of young people in health interventions. She combines more than a decade of authority and leadership in the use of dissemination and implementation science to deliver cutting-edge health programs that create tangible impact.

Prior to joining WUSM, Dr. Iwelunmor has served as a Professor at Saint Louis University and the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. From 2010-2013, she worked as a program specialist for the intersectoral platform on HIV at UNESCO in Paris, France.

Dr. Iwelunmor continues her commitment to amplifying the next generation of researchers, by leading NIH-funded programs such as NIAID STAR which seeks to stimulate training and access to HIV research experiences for under-represented scholars. She also leads the NIH-funded 4 youth by youth program and the 4 girls and women program, which works with young people to increase uptake and sustainability of evidence-based interventions in global settings. A graduate of Penn State University, where she earned her doctorate in Bio-behavioral Health and began her grant-writing journey as an NICHD pre-doctoral scholar, Dr. Iwelunmor is dedicated to advancing scientific excellence through inclusivity with grant-writing process among next generation of scholars, using her storytelling approach that inspires them to begin first with a dream. Her grant writing approach has earned her over $20 million in funding from the NIH.

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Additional Titles
  • Associate Director of Global Health and Dissemination at Washington University School of Medicine
  • BS, Penn State University
  • PhD, Penn State University
  • Faculty grant winner, SLU Office of the VP for Research, Saint Louis University (2019)
  • Distinguished Scholar in Public Health and Social Justice, Saint Louis University (2018)
  • Behavioral Sleep Medicine Pride Scholar at NYU Langone Medical Center (2015)
  • Eunice Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development Predoctoral Fellow (2010-2011)
Select Publications
  • Iwelunmor, J., Tucker, J. D., Ezechi, O., Nwaozuru, U., Obiezu-Umeh, C., Gbaja-Biamila, T., … & Airhihenbuwa, C. O. (2023). Sustaining HIV Research in Resource-Limited Settings Using PLAN (People, Learning, Adapting, Nurturing): Evidence from the 4 Youth by Youth Project in Nigeria. Current HIV/AIDS Reports, 20(2), 111-120.
  • Iwelunmor, J., Ezechi, O., Obiezu-Umeh, C., Gbaja-Biamila, T., Musa, A. Z., Nwaozuru, U., … & Tucker, J. D. (2023). Tracking adaptation strategies of an HIV prevention intervention among youth in Nigeria: a theoretically informed case study analysis of the 4 Youth by Youth Project. Implementation Science Communications, 4(1), 1-15.
  • Iwelunmor, J., Tucker, J. D., Obiezu-Umeh, C., Gbaja-Biamila, T., Oladele, D., Nwaozuru, U., … & Ezechi, O. (2022). The 4 Youth by Youth (4YBY) pragmatic trial to enhance HIV self-testing uptake and sustainability: study protocol in Nigeria. Contemporary clinical trials, 114, 106628.

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