Washington University ID-CRU conducts research in several areas such as: HIV treatment, HIV prevention, hepatitis, fungal infections, sexually transmitted diseases, the COVID-19 virus as well as various other general vaccine studies. No matter your health, age, or gender we may have a study for YOU. Here are a few of the studies for which we are currently enrolling.

HIV Clinical Trials


Participants in this study must be people who were assigned male sex at birth, people who are living with HIV and are interested in starting feminizing hormones. The goal of this study is to see how certain HIV medications interact with estradiol (one of the hormones prescribed for gender-affirming care).

Participants must meet these requirements (among others):

  • 18 Years or older.
  • Assigned male sex at birth.
  • Living with HIV and taking anti-retroviral therapy for at least 25 weeks (6 months).
  • Desire to start or restart feminizing hormone therapy as part of the gender affirming care.

Study Procedures include:

  • Daily dosing of estradiol (the feminizing hormone).
  • Routine study visits up to 48 weeks after enrolled.
  • Blood tests and questionnaires are to be completed during study visits.
  • Brief Video Chat interviews.


This trial is for people living with both HIV and chronic hepatitis B, who are taking medicines to control both viruses. The trial is looking at the safety and effectiveness of Selgantolimod, an experimental drug to treat chronic hepatitis B. Participants will take the drug once weekly by mouth for 24 weeks.

Participants must meet these requirements (among others):

  • Living with HIV and chronic Hepatitis B
  • Taking medication to treat HIV and hepatitis B for at least 5 years.
  • Not currently diagnosed with any liver fibrosis or cirrhosis related problems

Study Procedures include:

  • Selgantolimod (or placebo) will be taken by mouth for up to 24 weeks.
  • Blood tests and questionnaires are to be completed during study visits.
  • Other procedures include an ultrasound of the liver and an eye exam.

The ID-CRU has many more ongoing studies. Also, transportation and monetary compensation are often provided.

These studies can be a great way to move science and healthcare forward while providing you with a chance to become engaged and informed. You will receive quality healthcare, individualized support and an opportunity to make a difference. Anyone can participate and we want you.

If interested please contact us to find out which studies are right for you, call us at 314-454-0058 or email at idcru@wustl.edu.