Active Infectious Disease Studies

Washington University ID-CRU conducts research in several areas such as:  HIV Treatment, HIV Prevention, Hepatitis, fungal infections, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, the COVID-19 virus as well as various other general vaccine studies. No matter your health, age, or gender we may have a study for YOU. Here are a few of the studies for which we are currently enrolling.

HIV and PrEP Clinical Trials:

A5332: Reprieve is one of our most popular studies for people with HIV. It focuses on heart disease prevention and maintaining cardiovascular health.

Click on the picture to take the online screener to see if you are eligible!

WU 311: PrEP@Home                           A randomized clinical trial of a home care system for using Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) to help protect against HIV infections. Individuals entering into PrEP care at an initial in-person study visit will be randomized to the PrEP@Home system for home-based PrEP care follow-up visits or to standard of care for clinic-based follow-up visits. The primary aim of this study is to assess protective levels of PrEP medication for a home-based care compared to the standard of care.

The ID-CRU has many more ongoing studies! Also, transportation and monetary compensation are often provided.

These studies can be a great way to move science and healthcare forward while providing you with a chance to become engaged and informed. You will receive quality healthcare, individualized support and an opportunity to make a difference. Anyone can participate and we want you.

If interested please contact us to find out which studies are right for you, call us at 314-454-0058 or email at