We rely heavily on outside donations to continue to recruit, train, and retain high quality staff to support the research, education, and clinical mission of the Division. Learn how you can contribute to some of our grants and awards below.

Infectious Diseases Fund in honor of Gerald Medoff, MD

Gerald Medoff, MD

Our mission is to provide outstanding clinical care, conduct ground-breaking research, and train the next generation of leaders in academic medicine and infectious diseases. Gerald Medoff, MD, had been among the most influential leaders in the School of Medicine in the past half century, and the contributions of Dr. Medoff to the field of medicine are clearly reflected in the quality of the School and in the extraordinary individuals he mentored. Sadly, Dr. Medoff passed away at the age of 82 on January 14, 2019. It is only appropriate that we honor him with  a fund that will provide support for young trainees and junior faculty in the Division, helping them transition their independent careers. We rely on outside donations and believe that you share our sense of pride in what we have been able to build, much of which is due to the leadership of Dr. Medoff. Read more about Dr. Medoff.

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Victoria A. Fraser, MD, Fellowship for Graduate Studies in Infectious Diseases

This fellowship award was established with a generous donation by the Terry and Kathy Bader Family Foundation and Harry and Barbara Schukar. This donation was made in honor of Victoria J. Fraser, MD, to establish a fellowship that can be used for pre-doctoral trainees in the Infectious Diseases Division who are pursuing additional research.

Ultimate impact of the Fraser Fellowship

Victoria J. Fraser, MD
Victoria J. Fraser, MD

According to Dr. Fraser, donors to the Fraser Fellowship are making a critical impact by supporting infectious disease research and training young investigators that will ripple into the future.

“The work in Dr. Boon’s lab is extremely hard to do, but their ultimate goal to develop new tools to prevent and treat serious influenza infections is vital to improving human health throughout the world. I have invested my entire career in infectious diseases, and cared for patients who died from influenza. Watching the progression of increasingly severe influenza infections has made me greatly attuned to the potential devastation that will occur globally if we do not solve the mysteries of influenza. Our best hope is in the training and support of a new generation of scientists who will pursue new treatments and vaccines and address the most difficult research problems with the passion and dedication shared by my colleagues and me. Your gifts to this fellowship enable us to mentor talented individuals who will contribute to preventing and controlling infectious diseases like influenza, ebola, tuberculosis, malaria and other common infections that still plague humanity. Your support truly means the world to me and I appreciate your help.”

Please read about Fraser Fellowship Award Recipients and their research projects.

Thomas H. Steinberg Memorial Trainee Award

Thomas H. Stenberg, MD
Thomas H. Stenberg, MD

The Division of Infectious Diseases is establishing a student prize in Thomas Steinberg, MD’s honor that will be awarded annually. Contributions can be made to this Memorial Award by donating to the Thomas H. Steinberg Memorial Trainee Award.

Read more about Dr. Steinberg