Microbial Genomics – Key Faculty

Professor of Medicine




There are two main threads to Dr. Mitreva’s current research. The continued development of molecular information, bioinformatics tools, and reagents for the study of parasitic infections is crucial, therefore she takes advantage of next-generation technologies and implements comparative genomics approaches to study the biology and cellular pathways of these important parasites. The second area of her research is focused on the human microbiome. The approaches she undertakes in these two areas have the potential for significant impact due to the recent explosion in the amount of data requiring analysis.

Assistant Professor of Medicine



Dr. Rosa’s experience in the statistical analysis of complex datasets (utilizing multiple types of evidence spanning treatments or species) has led to the identification differentially expressed genes, drug targets and pathways of interest for experimental verification.

Ruth L Siteman Professor of Pediatrics



Research interest: Virology and the molecular identification of new and emerging pathogens.

Professor, Departments of Medicine and Molecular Microbiology




Dr. Weil’s research group conducts research on filarial nematode parasites that cause important tropical diseases such as elephantiasis and river blindness. This includes basic research on parasite biology and translational research to develop improved diagnostic tests and treatments.