ID-CRU and the Community


ID-CRU Coordinator strives to end racism ‘block by block,’ starting in Tower Grove


Every Year the ID-CRU shows support with our LGBTQIA+ at St. Louis Pride. Come see us and feel free to grab condoms, lube, a fan, and may be even volunteer in research!

St. Louis Pride 2018

St. Louis Pride 2012


In 2017 we donated $613 to St. Louis Effort for AIDS/Dining Out for Life after hosting a wienie-roast fundraiser in our parking lot!

In 2015 we raised money for the St. Louis Effort for Aids (EFA) with a Taco-palooza!

In 2014 we raised money for St. Louis Effort for Aids (EFA) with our dining out for life event!

We volunteered at Circus Flora!

Circus Flora is a local one-ring circus that has has cultivated education in the Circus Arts since its inception.