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Inaugural Infectious Diseases Research Symposium 2022 June 17.

Washington University School of Medicine is a pioneer in groundbreaking research in all subspecialties in Infectious Diseases. We have vast experience with clinical, basic science and translational research and a long history of productive, impactful, and effective work to showcase for that.

The organizing committee of this inaugural symposium includes William G. Powderly, MD, J. William Campbell Professor of Medicine & Co-director, Infectious Diseases Division. Jennifer A. Philips, MD, PhD, Theodore and Bertha Bryan Professor, Departments of Medicine and Molecular Microbiology; Co-Director Division of Infectious Diseases, Jeffrey Henderson, MD, PhD, associate professor of medicine, Andrej Spec, MD, MSCI, assistant professor of medicine, and Gayathri Krishnan, MD, second year fellow. In addition to conceptualizing the idea, Dr. Krishnan serves as the lead planner and organizer for this inaugural symposium. Ms. Susan Wightman, RN, BSN has been key to the web design and organizing this event as well.

The ID research symposium will serve as a platform for us to collaborate, promote, amplify and showcase research work in our home institution and will serve as an opportunity to identify key collaborators in other subspecialties, bringing basic science and clinical research together. This event is also intended to instill more interest in Infectious Diseases in the young minds of trainees such as medical students and residents.

Oral Presentation Instructions

EPNEC Seminar Room B. Oral presentations are 10 minutes duration with additional 5 minutes for questions. Oral presenters should create slide shows in Microsoft PowerPoint. Final presentation slides should be submitted at least 48 hours before (last date June15th) to Susan Wightman at Oral presenters are also encouraged to have a poster.


Posters can be set up in EPNEC Great Room B from 4:15 to 5:30 pm. Poster boards space 91″ X 45″ . Push pins will be provided at the venue in EPNEC Great Room B. Poster presenters can put up the posters any time after 3 pm on June 17th. Please remove all posters after 5:30 pm but before 6pm. 

We invite you to register for this event!


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