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Hilary Reno, MD, PhD joins Board of Directors of ASTDA

The American Sexually Transmitted Diseases Association recently elected Hilary Reno, MD, PhD, associate professor of medicine, to the board of directors for a two year term. ASTDA is an organization devoted to the control and study of sexually transmitted diseases. Its objectives are: to support the control and ultimate eradication of STD; to support research in all aspects of STD, including medical, epidemiologic, laboratory, social and behavioral studies; to recognize outstanding contributions in STD control; and to disseminate authoritative information concerning STD. Membership includes physicians, research scientists, nurses, public health professionals, and other STD investigators. Regular membership is open to any individual with interest in the control and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.

Reno was also appointed to the editorial board of Sexually Transmitted Diseases, the official journal of the American Sexually Transmitted Diseases Association​, which publishes peer-reviewed, original articles on clinical, laboratory, immunologic, epidemiologic, behavioral, public health, and historical topics pertaining to sexually transmitted diseases and related fields. The highly respected editorial board is composed of prominent scientists who are leaders in this rapidly changing field. Included in each issue are studies and developments from around the world. Dr. Reno will serve a three-year term.