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Congratulations, 2022 ID Fellow Graduates!

Gayathri Krishnan, MD, Patrick Olson, MD, PhD, Abby Sung, MD, Priya Pal, MD PhD, and Luis Parra-Rodriguez, MD

Through many years of education, hard work and determination, you made it! Congratulations to all of our fellows who completed their infectious diseases (ID) fellowship training.

Gayathri Krishnan, MD, is an instructor in medicine and a medical education fellow, working on her Masters in Health Professional Education at Washington University School of Medicine. “One thing that stood out to me through the fellowship was the Division’s (especially Dr. Powderly’s) support for the fellows – whether it be about training, access to research/scholarly opportunities, mentorship, addressing workload, changes in workflow, innovative educational endeavors, free meals etc. The division is so big that there is always someone who is an expert to approach for a particular clinical dilemma or research question. Access to our own data analysts is also something very unique to the division.”

Patrick Olson, MD, PhD, has entered his third year fellowship in the Physician Scientist Training Program (PSTP) at Washington University School of Medicine.

Priya Pal, MD, PhD, has entered her third year ID research fellow at Washington University School of Medicine.

Luis Parra-Rodriguez, MD, will continue his training as a third year fellow, who will specialize in HIV/AIDS research at Washington University School of Medicine. “I feel fortunate to have worked in such a caring, sympathetic, and nurturing team. The encouragement from my mentors and other faculty, and the support of the leadership during difficult times were invaluable during my fellowship training.”

Abby Sung, MD, is an assistant professor of medicine who specializes in hospital epidemiology, outpatient infection prevention, occupational health, and medical education. “I really enjoyed working with the many members of the infectious diseases division and having great camaraderie with the other fellows. In second year, I appreciated the freedom and support from the division that helped guide me into choosing a more specific career path.”