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Welcome to the ID Division Jason Burnham, MD

Jason Burnham, MD, Instructor in Medicine

Jason was born and raised in Houston, Texas and remained in Texas for college and medical school. He went to a small liberal arts college in Texas, Southwestern University, where he worked in a microbiology lab. His mentor and close friend, Martín Gonzalez, encouraged Jason to go to medical school. Jason went to medical school at UTMB in Galveston, Texas where he discovered clinical  research and more importantly, met his lovely wife, Heather. Heather came to Washington University a year before Jason as a medicine resident and Jason followed the next year. He completed medicine residency and ID fellowship at Wash U.

Jason has more research interests than time, but his focus is the epidemiology of multidrug resistant organisms, ways to predict them, and attempts to figure out how to improve outcomes for patients who have them. He also has a strong interest in the carbon footprint of and sustainability in healthcare as there is no planet B and he really wants his adorable baby, Elias (b.2016), to have a nice planet on which to live.