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Global Health Seed Funding awarded to ID faculty

In an effort to that will amplify Washington University’s “global perspective” (one of the guiding principles of the university’s “Here and Next” Strategic Plan), the Global Health Center at the Institute for Public Health and Department of Medicine, Washington University McDonnell International Scholars Academy and the Africa Initiative have awarded global health seed funding to five “highly competitive” research projects.

Among the projects to receive funding will be lead by primary investigators, Caline Mattar, MD & George Kyei, MBChB, PhD, Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis with McDonnell Academy Partner: University of Ghana.

Project Title: Implementation of a Handshake Stewardship Intervention to Address Perioperative Antibiotic Use at the University of Ghana Medical Center

Summary: Antimicrobial resistance is on the rise globally with the largest burden in low- and middle-income countries. Ghana, the second most populous country in West Africa, does not have a single organized antimicrobial stewardship program to guide antibiotic use in hospitals. This study has identified prolonged antibiotic use in surgical procedures beyond the duration recommended by the World Health Organization, which is driving antibiotic overuse at the University of Ghana Medical Center. The project will implement and compare two interventions targeting perioperative antibiotics at the University of Ghana Medical Center. Those include: a) educational module, followed by b) handshake stewardship (person-to-person counseling on appropriate and inappropriate antibiotic use). Interventions effectiveness will be assessed along with the effect on antibiotic consumption.

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