Division Announcements

Daisy W. Leung, PhD, granted tenure, effective July 1

The Washington University in St. Louis Board of
Trustees granted tenure to Daisy Lueng, PhD, an Associate Professor in the Departments
of Medicine – Infectious Diseases, Pathology and Immunology, and Biochemistry
and Molecular Biophysics on her recent tenure.

Dr. Leung joined Washington University School of
Medicine in 2017 and established her lab to conduct research that focuses on
developing a better understanding of host-pathogen interactions that contribute
to viral pathogenesis through immune evasion.

The Lueng Lab uses a multidisciplinary approach to characterize
select non-segmented, negative sense RNA viruses, including respiratory
syncytial virus and Ebola virus, to identify critical targets that can be used
as a basis to develop therapeutics or vaccine candidates. Dr. Leung is co-author of findings reported in Cell Reports, which point toward new strategies to treat RSV infection, and ma provide clues to why server cases of RSV put people at elevated risk of developing asthma.     See news release “Common respiratory virus manipulates immune genes to protect itself“.

We congratulate Dr. Leung on her hard work, scholarly
achievements, and mentorship of talented students and postdocs.