Alumni Fellows

The ID Division celebrates the Drs. Gerald and Medoff Professorship in ID, held by Dr. Gary Weil

Gerald Medoff, MD, a physician scientist and one of the founding leaders of the Mycosis Study  Group, was the ID Division Director for more than 20 years at Washington University School of Medicine (WUM). Dr. Medoff  fostered the first WUSM AIDS Clinical Trials Unit, HIV clinic and HIV/AIDS Advocacy. He provided leadership and training for, programs that were novel 20 years ago, the BJH Antimicrobial Stewardship, Infection  Prevention, Pharmacy & Therapeutics, Quality & Safety Committees.

“One of the things you hear most about Gerry, is that of his incredible role as a mentor throughout his time as a leader at Washington University” said Bill Powderly, MD. Jerry was the recipient of several awards, but one he was most proud of is the IDSA Walter Stamm Mentor award”. Dr. Medoff recruited and mentored 70 infectious diseases fellows.

A celebration of this very special professorship to honor both Gerald and Judith Medoff has been recorded and we share this with you.