Ramakrishna Rao, PhD receives the 2016 Anne Maurer-Cecchini Award

Ramakrishna Rao, PhD, an associate professor of medicine at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, recently received the 2016 Anne Maurer-Cecchini Award, an honor that recognizes outstanding epidemiological or clinical research on neglected tropical diseases. Rao, of the Division of Infectious Diseases, was recognized for a project that focused on lymphatic filariasis in Sri Lanka. The illness is caused by parasitic worms and spread by mosquitoes and is a major cause of disability in the developing world.

Anne Maurer-Cecchini Award Regulation

The award was delivered during the closing session of the Geneva Health Forum 2016. See the video the authors sent for projection during the ceremony.

The prize money will be used for future studies in Sri Lanka.