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Rachel Presti, MD, PhD joins Larissa Thackray, PhD to discuss COVID-19 vaccines on LMtV podcast

Meet the people behind today’s virology headlines. People just like you working to understand viruses and how they affect you.

‘Let’s Meet the Virologists’, hosted by Larissa Thackray, PhD, associate professor of Infectious Diseases, talks in Episode 19 with Rachel Presti, MD/PhD, an associate professor of Medicine and the medical director of the Infectious Diseases Clinical Research Unit about her work on multiple clinical trials for drugs, therapies and several vaccines to prevent or treat COVID-19.

LMtV Epidsode 19: warp speed – light at the end of the tunnel

Video Clips form the interview.

An additional 18 episodes about other virologist are available on ‘Let’s Meet the Virologists’ at GoogleApple, Amazon music and other podcast providers or at