Division Announcements

Nigar Kirmani, MD receives Distinguished Service Teaching Award

The Distinguished Service Teaching Awards are presented by Washington University medical students to faculty and house staff in appreciation of exemplary service in medical student education. Each fall, medical students finishing their first, second, and third years of study select the course masters, lecturers, clerkship directors, attendings, and residents who distinguished themselves most in their efforts, dedication and patience.

Initiated by students and implemented with support from the Office of Medical Student Education, the awards honor Washington University educators who have made the most significant contributions to the training of future physicians.

The Thread Leader of the Year Award is given to Nigar Kirmani, MD, professor of medicine. The new medical student Gateway curriculum no longer consists of individual courses, but rather many topics are represented as Threads that appear throughout the curriculum. Dr. Kirmani is the Lead for the Microbiology/Infectious Diseases thread. “Dr. Kirmani is an icon of our class and made microbiology and infectious diseases so much more approachable for students while helping us better understand the role of antibiotic stewardship,” remarked Tim Wong, medical student presenter.

Congratulations, Dr. Kirmani!