Alumni Division Announcements

Medicine residency house staff honor Gerome Escota, MD, assistant professor of medicine, infectious diseases

Congratulations, Gerome Escota, for being awarded not one, but two, Teaching Faculty of the Year Awards, in Infectious Disease and in General Internal Medicine, from medicine residency house staff at Washington University School of Medicine.

Dr. Escota also serves as the Associate Program Director, of the Infectious Diseases Fellowship Programand Clerkship Director in Medicine.

The Medicine Housestaff vote on the Teacher of the Year for each of the following categories  and are  awarded to the Faculty Member with the most votes.

Teacher of the Year:

  1. General Internal Medicine Teacher (FIRM):  Gerome Escota, MD , Rachel Bardowell
  2. Cardiology Teacher (CCU, Cards Consult, CHF, EP): Phillip S. Cuculich, MD
  3. Pulmonary and Critical Care – Vladimir N. Despotovic, MD
  4. Nephrology / Renal Teacher– Steven Cheng, MD
  5. Gastroenterology & Hepatology– Jaquelyn  Fleckenstein MD
  6. Rheumatology Teacher –Lisa Zickuhr, MD
  7. Infectious Disease Teacher – Gerome Escota, MD
  8. Hematology and Oncology (consult, BMT, inpatient) – Morey Blinder, MD
  9. Clinic Teacher (COH, Geriatrics, WUCC, Affinia, VA) – Karen Winters, MD

Teaching Fellow of the Year:

  1. Mary Claire

Congratulations to all!