Alumni Division Announcements

Liang co-edits issue of Emergency Medicine Clinics of North America

Stephen Y. Liang, MD, MPHS, assistant professor of medicine, Divisions of Emergency Medicine and Infectious Diseases, co-edited an issue of Emergency Medicine Clinics of North America dedicated entirely to Infectious Disease Emergencies with a goal of providing a broad range of updates to emergency physicians. Dr. Liang’s co-edited this issue with Rachel L. Chin, MD, professor of clinical emergency medicine, Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital, University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine, San Francisco, California.

Hilary E. L. Reno, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor, Division of Infectious Disease is a contributing author for this issue. Dr. Reno co-authored “Management of Patients with Sexually Transmitted Infections in the Emergency Department”.

In addition to editing responsibility, Dr. Liang co-authored reviews on “Infection Prevention in the Emergency Department”, “Infectious Diseases after Hydrologic Disasters”, “Approach to Transplant Infectious Diseases in the Emergency Department”,
“Musculoskeletal Infections in the Emergency Department”, and “Infectious Diseases After Hydrologic Disasters”.

The entire issue, Emergency Medicine Clinics of North America, Volume 36, Issue 4, is available to subscribers.