Division Announcements

Jonathan Miner MD, PhD, joins the Division of Infectious Diseases

Jonathan Miner MD, PhD, completed his residency in internal medicine and a fellowship in rheumatology at Washington University School of Medicine. (WUSM) He completed a postdoctoral fellowship in Mike Diamond’s lab and became faculty in the Department of Medicine, Rheuematology in 2016.

Dr. Miner is an extremely accomplished physician-scientist whose laboratory studies the intersection of innate immunity, viral pathogenesis, and autoimmunity. The Miner lab studies rare genetic diseases, with a focus on rheumatic diseases caused by mutations in antiviral genes. Dr. Miner collaborates extensively with ID faculty, Megan Baldridge, Robyn Klein, Mike Diamond, and others on projects related to viral pathogenesis and host-pathogen interactions.

Dr. Miner joined the ID Division in 2020 as an Assistant Professor of Medicine, Pathology and Immunology, and Molecular Microbiology. Clinically, Dr. Miner takes care of patients with a rare genetic disease called RVCL, and is a co-director of the RVCL research center: https://rvcl-research.wustl.edu/our-team/.