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The good of bacteriuria? A group led by division Faculty Jeffrey P Henderson, M.D., Ph.D., identified a drug-like molecule made by E.coli.

Recent Division of Biology and Biomedical Sciences graduate, Shannon Ohlemacher, is a first author along with professor Jeff Henderson on a paper just published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation. Dr. Ohlemacher’s research found that a druglike metabolite from colonizing E.coli sabotages Pseudomonas virulence — a significant finding in current research to prevent urinary tract infections (UTIs.).

The study raises the possibility that asymptomatic bacteriuria may serve a protective function in some patients. The Journal of Clinical Investigation study included patient studies, mass spectrometric analyses, and quantum simulations made possible by an interdisciplinary group of chemists and ID physicians. The work was supported by grants from the NIH and CDC.

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The article, “Enterobacteria secrete an inhibitor of Pseudomonas virulence during clinical bacteriuria”, can be found online.