Gary Weil, MD and Peter Fischer, PhD, evaluate COVID-19 antibody tests as diagnostic test in low-resource settings

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Such antibody tests use finger-prick blood samples, deliver quick results

Gary Weil, MD and Peter Fischer, PhD,  professors of medicine, have joined an international effort led by the Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics and the World Health Organization (WHO) to evaluate COVID-19 antibody tests for use as diagnostics in places with limited resources.

Assisting with the collection of samples from people who had positive molecular tests and were admitted to the hospital in the St. Louis area with COVID-19 symptoms were Rachel Presti, MD, PhD, an associate professor of medicine, Jane O’Halloran, MD, an assistant professor of medicine, and Ali Ellebedy, PhD, an assistant professor of pathology and immunology, and provided with the support of Washington University’s Institute of Clinical and Translational Sciences and Siteman Cancer Center’s Tissue Procurement Core. Weil and Fischer needed these samples  to be able to detect true positives.