Division Announcements

Barrette receives dedication to resident teaching award

E-P Barrette, associate professor of medicine, was honored at the annual senior lunch celebrating the graduating Internal Medicine residents on May 23, 2017. The residents selected Dr. Barrette to receive the “Department of Medicine House Staff Dedication to Resident Teaching 2016-2017” award. Dr. Barrette received this special award because the residents and chiefs wanted to show their deep appreciation of his hard work, excellent teaching style, his vast knowledge and dedication to patient care in the Center for Outpatient Health (COH). The award also exemplifies, for Dr. Barrette, that he will be greatly missed as he leaves his director position of the COH and Assistant Program Director position in the Internal Medicine Residency program to be the medial director of the HIV and Virology clinic and associate director of the infectious diseases clinic.