Division Announcements Fellows’ Corner

ID Fellows celebrated poster presentations with fellowship program directors at IDWeek 2022.

IDWeek 2022 celebration with ID fellows, Armaghan-e-Rehman Mansoor, MD, Luis Parra-Rodriguez, MD, Ige George, MD, MS (fellowship program co-director), Donald Hong, MD, Kevin Montes, MD, Caline Mattar, MD (fellowship program co-director), and Patrick Ching, MD, PhD.

Our ID fellows made a great showing at IDWeek! Congratulations to all who presented during the poster session.

Armaghan-e-Rehman Mansoor, MD, second year ID fellow
Patrick Ching, MD, MPH, second year ID fellow
Gayathri Krishnan, MD, instructor in medicine and 3rd year fellow with Hilary Babcock, MD, MPH, professor of medicine. Gayathri received the IDWeek 2022 Trainee Ward for her poster on “Women in ID”.
Miguel Chavez-Concha, MD, instructor in medicine, primary author, with Patrick Ching, MD, PhD pictured as second author.
Second year ID fellows: Patrick Ching, MD, MPH, Luis Parra-Rodriguez, MD (third year), Kevin Montes, MD, Nathan Nolan, MD, (instructor in medicine)and Armaghan-e-Rehman Mansoor, MD