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Documentary in development about Dr. Gerry Medoff, ‘A Race for Another Day’ against Parkinson’s

Dr. Gerry Medoff lead the team at Washington University School of Medicine to help develop the original 24-pill cocktail that stopped HIV from being a death march.
Let that sink in.

More recently he was in a race against Parkinson’s Disease.

Tim Breitbach of Optimal Entertainment is an award-winning writer (Dopamine, Sundance Film Festival), director (Multiple EMMYs for The Frontline for Hope set at Children’s Hospital) and Executive Producer (NAACP Image Award, Welcome to Sweetie Pies). Optimal Entertainment, Manion Creative and Vidzu Media and Team Gateway to a Cure have been working on a documentary about Dr. Medoff’s life and the heroics of researchers who, one day, can help people live rather than die. The title of the documentary is “A Race for Another Day”. View the trailer below.

Dr. Medoff’s family requests memoriam gifts be donations to the film. If your life or a loved one’s life has been affected by HIV, Parkinson’s Disease or anything we have yet to find a cure for; please go to Team Gateway To A Cure and consider donating to Race for Another Day.

This picture of Dr. Medoff was taken during filming at his final Cardinals game, his third passion beyond Family and Medicine