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LMtV Podcast: Let’s ‘meet’ the virologist Dr. Sebastien Felt who is studying defective viral genomes or DVGs and how they modulate the clinical outcome of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), a significant cause of pediatric respiratory disease.

Sebastien Felt, PhD

RSV infects most children before the age of two and leads to a wide range of disease outcomes from asymptomatic to severe. While host genetic factors for severe outcome are known, viral determinants are not as well defined. ‘Let’s Meet the Virologists’, hosted by Larissa Thackray, PhD, associate professor of Infectious Diseases, talks in Episode 26 with Sebastien Felt, PhD, a postdoctoral researcher in the Lopez lab , about his recent work examining how DVGs modulate the pathogenesis and persistence of RSV.

An additional 25 episodes about other doctors and scientists researching COVID-19 and other viruses are available on ‘Let’s Meet the Virologists’ at GoogleApple, Amazon music and other podcast providers or at lmtv.podbean.com