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LMtV Podcast: Let’s ‘meet’ the clinician Dr. Jeannie Kelly examining the risk of COVID-19 during pregnancy and the benefit of vaccination for both pregnant women and their babies in utero and after birth through breast milk.

Jeannie C. Kelly, MD, MS Medical Director, Maternal-Fetal Transport Medical Director, Labor & Delivery Assistant Professor, Ob/Gyn

Clinical research is essential for developing optimal intervention and treatments for COVID-19 patients. ‘Let’s Meet the Virologists’, hosted by Larissa Thackray, PhD, associate professor of Infectious Diseases, talks in Episode 25 with Jeannie Kelly, MD, MS, an assistant professor of OB-GYN and Medical Director of Maternal-Fetal Transport and Labor and Delivery, about her work examining the infection rate of pregnant women, the high risk of pregnancy for severe COVID-19 disease, and the benefit of COVID-19 vaccination for mothers and babies.

An additional 24 episodes about other doctors and scientists researching COVID-19 and other viruses are available on ‘Let’s Meet the Virologists’ at GoogleApple, Amazon music and other podcast providers or at lmtv.podbean.com.